how it started

Brewmasters Food Group is the culmination of passion, friendship, and the pursuit of culinary excellence. 

It all started nearly a decade ago when Morkos, fueled by his love for entrepreneurship and a desire to embrace new challenges, embarked on a journey with Brewmasters. Together with a friend who shared an unwavering love for craft beer, they opened Brewmasters in a small location. Little did they know that their venture would soon outgrow its humble beginnings. Just three years later, the overwhelming response from the community led to the expansion of Brewmasters into a larger building, setting the stage for its continued success.

While the initial plan was to focus solely on Brewmasters, the flourishing popularity of the restaurant paved the way for new opportunities. 

The idea of opening a second location in Goldsboro emerged, bringing the experience of Brewmasters to a wider audience.

As fate would have it, the Wilson Downtown Development approached Brewmasters Food Group, recognizing the potential for a downtown establishment. This encounter marked the birth of Ruckus & Redemption, a culinary haven where delicious burgers and expertly crafted cocktails thrive. Collaborating with Jeremy Law, a talented chef and restaurant owner from Soco, Brewmasters Food Group forged a partnership that led to the development of Ruckus, infusing it with creativity and a fresh perspective.

Two years later, The Hub emerged, becoming a destination for authentic NY-style pizza and arcade fun. And most recently, the opportunity to take over an existing local restaurant brought Jack's into the fold, offering an upscale dining experience with a focus on steaks and seafood.

Brewmasters Food Group takes immense pride in being actively involved in various local events and organizations. 

At Brewmasters Food Group, we believe in crafting memorable dining experiences, fostering meaningful connections, and continually pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation. Join us on this extraordinary gastronomic journey as we celebrate local flavors, the love for craft beer, and the joy of sharing great food and drinks with friends and family.

Through partnerships, sponsorships, and donations, they support initiatives such as Historic Downtown Wilson, Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park, Wilson County Schools, Historic Preservation Society, Wilson Pride, Wilson Parks and Recreation, Barton College, local 5k races, and many more.

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